About Us

We provide musical services to people from Goa, by adding our fine music to their religious and family occassions and completing the true meaning of that occassion.

Fusionic Musicals choir photo from Nuvem

Our Vision

We work towards providing the best service to the people of Goa through our musical skills and we believe that every customer who connects with us is our precious asset and we work hard towards achieving customer satisfaction after he/she choose us for their occassion. We believe in building relationships with the customers. Our main focus is to provide our customers and the visitors of our website most of the musical services under one roof so that they do not have to search at many places thereby saving their precious time.


You guys are really special. Nicely played the choir for my brother's wedding on 17th February 2019.

Our Team

Fusionic Musicals Julius Quadros from Nuvem
Julius Quadros
Founder & Organist
Fusionic Musicals Cipriyano Simoes from Nuvem
Cipriyano Simoes
Fusionic Musicals Venita Gomes from Nuvem
Venita Gomes
Fusionic Musicals Prescilda Simoes from Nuvem
Prescilda Simoes
Fusionic Musicals Conceicao Cardozo from Nuvem
Conceicao Cardozo
Fusionic Musicals Savio Sequiera from Nuvem
Savio Sequiera

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