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You guys are really special. Nicely played the choir for my brother's wedding on 17th February 2019.

Founder's Story

Fusionic Musicals Julius Quadros from Nuvem

I am Julius Quadros and I am keyboard player. I started my music learning journey when I was 10 yrs of age and soon I got chance to play keyboard for mass at our neighborhood chapel where I still play for Sunday mass. It has been 17yrs since I started playing keyboard. Some chapel feasts, our church feast(Nuvem Church), weddings and some small events are places where I contributed my music. Divine harmony is our choir group that recently started with the members who have been part of my events at various places. Just one thing I have to say - "Our group is similar to other choir groups. We work hard to give you the best musical experience in your occasion but more that we work to build stronger connection between us and you through our services. Fusionic Musicals is our brand and we working to give you all the musical help that is possible by us through our brand.